Live Police Scanner App with Multiple Feeds and Features

5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Listen to live police, fire, aircraft, railroad, emergency, news and ham radio channels. Detect and hear increased activity and excitement among dispatchers and officers during urgent calls.

Police scanners, which tap into particular frequencies used by law enforcement and emergency services, can cost several hundred dollars. Apps like 5-0 radio and Broadcastify offer public feeds for a fraction of the price.

Police Scanner

A police scanner allows you to listen to police and fire departments in your area. It is a useful tool during major events like concerts and football games, as well as for emergencies. It can be run on a 12-volt battery, which makes it a reliable option in case of power failures and severe weather. You can find a wide variety of police scanners on the market, but you need to choose carefully depending on your needs. Some models have digital signals while others are analog. You can also find options that are dual-band.

Some police scanner apps allow you to hear local police, fire, emergency, and air traffic. They feature popular feeds as well as breaking news and are updated regularly. Some are even free. Just make sure you know the laws in your area before downloading them. They may be illegal in some states, including New York.

Fire Scanner

A fire radio scanner is an excellent tool for keeping up with local emergency response efforts. It’s also great for monitoring important weather events, especially during hurricanes and tornadoes.

A basic scanner comes pre-programmed with a set of frequencies, and is easily upgradeable to add more channels. The more sophisticated units are capable of following trunked systems and decoding APCO-P25 digital transmissions. They also provide users with a more personalized experience.

They come with pre-set channels for common searches like Police, Fire/Emergency, and Marine, and feature an automatic scanning mode that updates every two seconds. Most models also allow you to record transmissions on a microSD card for future reference. A built-in battery charger provides convenience and helps maintain power throughout use. Some scanners even have GPS connectivity for precise system selection while traveling.

Amateur Radio

Ham radio is a fun, technology-based hobby that offers self-training in electronics and public service. It features a mix of communication modes over radio that allow people to talk across the city, region, country, continent, and even into space. The amateur radio community is known for its spirit of innovation and experimentation, with its members sharing information on a variety of topics that include current events, geographical exploration, and cultural study.

Unlike normal AM and FM radio, where one disk jockey transmits to thousands of listeners at once, ham radio conversations are two-way. Those who are licensed can participate in networks, or nets, on predetermined times and frequencies to exchange third-party messages. The ham community also enjoys regular communications competitions (called rag chews) to keep license holders on their toes and to bond with new friends. Those who prefer to try Morse code can do so using a straight key or paddle connected to the radio.


5-0 Radio Police Scanner is the largest collection of live police, firefighter, aircraft, railroad, emergency, news, and ham radios. It’s the #1 most downloaded police scanner app on the App Store and is used by tens of millions of people.

It’s easy to use, features a clean user interface and is constantly improving. It also supports multiple languages and comes with a new feed every hour. It can even find your closest channel based on GPS or 3G/WiFi triangulation. It has a feature that lets you listen to feeds in the background while you work and save your favorite channels into a list.

It can be accessed from anywhere, including when your device is offline or in airplane mode. You can also share your stations with friends and family, who can then listen to them on their own devices. It includes a variety of radio station presets, such as music, comedy, sports, news, and more.

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